Beach among many other upscale Properties in South Florida. We are more than just a Band but an Entertainment Company customizing performances for Private events with high standards. We are Beating the Old Boring Sounds with Eclectic Waves full of Sophisticated fun for the not so common gatherings. We have the largest Live Repertoire to please any demographic and music taste in the Industry. We can also take your event to a higher level with our amazing unique entertainment enhancements: LED Walls, Stage, Lighted dancefloors, Laser shows, Hora Rosa-Ibiza or Crystal, confetti blizzard cannons, haze, and much more.

Yes, we travel! We do charge for the time depending on the location and you will need to cover transportation, lodging, and Technical Rider for all band members. Ask your producer for a quote based on the specifics of your event. If it is within a couple hours by road radio from Fort Lauderdale, that is included within our basic package at no added charge.

Our Bands/Talent wear from our unique Italian Tuxedo Jackets to any other style you have in mind to accommodate your ideas.

Absolutely! We provide Ceremony + Cocktail hour music with a broad musical repertoire. Want classical music for your ceremony, a jazz set for your cocktail hour, and dance party reception? You have got it. You can inquire about our Complete Entertainment Wedding Packages for more specific details and requests.

We play a wide variety of music. From Top 40, to classics, to classical and jazz. Check our Bands styles and tell us which one best interest you (Instant quote Button here).

Of course! We have the most complete Live repertoire of songs that will please all your guests from your friends to your grandparents. It is always important to have some freedom to read the room on the night; but our number one priority is pleasing YOU. Just let us know what you want to hear, and, if it is not already in our repertoire, we will work with you to make your night perfect. You can also give us a list of songs that you love and songs that you dislike on your planning page–we will base our choices on your music preferences. We will also go through a deep study of demographics to drive our performance towards it along with your music selection after the Agreement process is completed.

Most definitely! Just make sure you give us enough notice of your special request, so your Band of choice has time to learn your song(s).

For Wedding events, our typical quote is for a 6-hour event. This includes 1 hour of Pre-Ceremony/Ceremony, 1 Cocktails hour, and 4 hours of Dinner/Dance. Our Bands play (03) sets of 1 hour each with intermittent breaks. With speeches and other formalities, you will find this is usually the perfect amount of time to have the band playing. If you require a longer event with more sets or want the Band to play non-stop, we are happy to provide you additional pricing. You can talk to our Producer about your ideas, and he/she will do his best to accommodate you within your budget!

For Corporate, Galas, and other events, our typical quote is for a 3-hours event but always going for more if required. We will be happy to provide you additional pricing. You can talk to our Producer about your ideas, and he/she will do his best to accommodate you within your budget!

Yes, our Bands can absolutely play during dinner.

Absolutely (depending upon your choice)! Our Producer will sort through your music selection and decide which will sound best Live and which will be better to have our DJ play during our Band breaks. DJ service is always free – we want to make sure the dancefloor is always packed and non-stop when the band is not playing.

Yes, but we do charge for the extra time. Ask our Event Producer for more details.

Yes, we can! We want you to have the time of your life, but we will need to have it approved in written at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding date by our Lead Producer. Just like your other on-site vendors, we do charge for the extra time.

Yes! We look after everything music related. We are all-inclusive of Sound, Lighting on stage, engineering, and back-line. We also conduct a deep sound check with equalization and balancing like no others in the industry to guarantee an exceptionally smooth and outstanding performance for you and your guests.

Yes! We always have a wireless mic for toasts. Please, no “drop the mic” moments! This equipment is expensive and contrary to popular belief, it does break when dropped–which you do not want to risk right before your reception.

Of course, and at no-additional cost! Our Producer will send you a Questionnaire to fill put and return at least (04) weeks before your wedding, he will go through all the details, including how to properly pronounce that one groomsman’s name with the silent “G”.

We only perform at very private events, so we respect the privacy of our clients as we will respect yours. That is why we invest tens of thousands on Videos to offer you the best possible view of our excellent performing capabilities.

We will get in touch (08) weeks before your event to finalize the details. This gives you plenty of time to decide on your special dances and work out your event timeline. If you contact us before that and we do not immediately get back to you, we are likely handling details for a wedding that weekend. We will give you the same dedicated attention when it comes to (04) weeks before your event.

When you book our Services, you will pay a 50% deposit to secure your date. The remaining amount is due (02) weeks before your event.

You can always reach out to your producer with questions. The lead on your event will also be able to answer any questions your wedding planner or venue manager may have on the night of.

Stage depending upon the size of our Band (Do you want us to look good for you?), an, electrical power drop backstage, Parking for all Staff + Talent, and Vendors meals with sodas + water in a private green/holding room to be able to eat and talk music strategies etc.

You can always ask our Producer to coordinate the exact stage dimension depending upon the band size. We also provide Lighting, Stages, and Dancefloors.

Please press here to inquire availability and go through the agreement/deposit process to reserve it for you.

Please do not hesitate in contacting Junior’s Team to provide you availability, pricing, and guidance in developing a wow factor for your next event. They are available to travel Worldwide.